Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How are overbearing sports parents harmful to children Coursework

How are overbearing sports parents harmful to children - Coursework Example This research will begin with the statement that sports play an instrumental role in the development of a child. They are not only critical for physical growth, but sports are also important for the psycho-social development of a child. Therefore, all the children who are of school going age i.e. 5 to 16 years of age are encouraged to participate in physical activities like sports, aerobics and even dancing. The involvement of children in different forms of physical training helps them in gaining confidence, it optimizes their muscular and skeletal growth, and it also helps them in winning friends. The types of sports or physical activities may vary across cultures, however, it is universally accepted that children must be encouraged to participate in sports actively alongside their education. The reason behind encouraging young minds to involve in sports is to teach them the skill of balancing life and work. Children who abstain themselves from sports are often find complaining in t he later life about isolation and other associated psychological issues like depression, anxiety and frustration. It has been proved medically, sports during adolescence and early years of adulthood helps individuals in fighting frustration and depression, which is very common among young people these days. Sports activate serotonin release and uptake, which circumcises the accumulation of testosterone, a hormone released in state of stress and anxiety, and it is a cause biochemical cause of aggression among youth.

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