Monday, November 18, 2019

Final RFP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Final RFP - Essay Example This Request For Proposals (RFP) document sets out the requirements to be met by the Enterprise Resource Planning ERP package Enterprise Architecture EA design to be selected to implement these business goals within the operations and management functions of Gadget, Inc. The overall strategic results to be met by the package and design selected as part of the responses to this RFP will include : no more lost orders, eliminating the numerous errors currently made and the accompanying inconsistencies. In terms of applicable Quality Assurance (QA) activities, there will be a series of procedural reviews carried out by the personnel partially involved in the acquisition and implementation process of the ERP packages and EA design and approval The risk management requirements to be met will include a process where the Vendor’s executives identify, analyze and rank every risk noted. Proactive risk identification measures will be put in place. In order to achieve the successful integration of the ERP application and EA design in order to meet the business process improvement requirements set out above, the following requirements will need to be satisfied by the selected Vendor. Gadget Inc., although it accepts that it is relatively small enterprise, expects that each Vendor will draw up an EA design that reflects Gadget Inc.’s business requirements as expressed by the Board of Directors. Gadget Inc. will not accept duplications of previous enterprise architectures drawn up by a given Vendor for one or more different clients. This requirement will be made clear to each Vendor at the Bid Evaluation stage. Gadget Inc. has no specific preferences regarding the ERP application presented by each Vendor bidding for the Contract. Gadget Inc. initially expects that each Vendor will present the ‘standard’ version of

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