Saturday, February 1, 2020

Doing Gender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Doing Gender - Essay Example In most cases, it involves socially conducted perceptual, relational, and micro political practices that show certain pursuits as showings of masculine and feminine nature of human in the society. It defines the activities that are done by men and women in the society. It therefore involves individuals who per take gender as it concentrate on interactions. (Zimmrman, 1987. pg126). The act of per taking gender explains that some roles in the society are done by men while others by women. It is explained that interactions in the society defines the activities to be done either by men or women. In addition, doing gender emphasizes on gender roles as well as sex roles. It gives the division of labor in the society as either men’s or women’s. This involves doing things that are perceived to be men’s or women’s by nature and based on their masculine or feminine capabilities. Sex is a biological feature used to view if an individual is a masculine or feminine. Thus, it entails social doings which are constituted through interactions. â€Å"The recognition of the analytical independence of sex, sex category, and gender is essential for understanding the relationships among these elements and the interactional work involved in being a gendered person in society† (Zimmerman & West, 1987, pg127). Gender involves expressive behaviors that can be termed as essential in nature. In this case, interactions determine how individuals express themselves as being gender. Human beings interact with others in different aspects in the environment and assume that each has an important role in nature that can be distinguished through the natural signs portrayed and expressed by human beings. Hence, gender is more than the actions or activities that are assumed to be done by either male or female in the society. That is why being gender is defined as displaying sexu al characteristics in an individual according to

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